Predict and preview what Premset medium-voltage switchgear can do for you by leveraging our 3D modeling and augmented reality design platform.

    Operate and maintain switchgear through our forward-thinking design platform, for maximum reliability and safety.

    How augmented reality will shape the future of electrical distribution

    Schneider Electric is defining a new phase of design, installation and maintenance Discover how augmented reality can benefit any industry through safer, more reliable design, maintenance and installation.
    See the future
    • The Premset Live! App advantage

      The Premset Live app allows you to discover all aspects of this solution, including how to design and maintain the switchgear, alongside real-time views of operation and performance.

    • Ready for the next generation of medium- voltage switchgear?

      Medium-voltage switchgear demands a lot from the two-way flow of energy in smart grid. This raises a critical question: Can it handle the rigors presented by tough environments? With its shielded solid insulation switchgear, 2SIS, Premset can.

      Learn more about 2SiS technology
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