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    Zelio relays and timers

    Zelio is a comprehensive range of control, time, protective, solid-state relays. Smart products designed with users needs in mind. Find the best solution to operate your business.

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    Zelio™ SSP1 panel-mount solid state relays

    Innovative with state-of-the-art performance

    Discover our solide state relays
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    Zelio™ RM22 and RM35 control relays

    Innovation comes in small packages

    Discover our control relays
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    Zelio RE22 timing Relays

    A smart, innovative, energy-efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

    Discover our timing relays
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    Zelio™ RXG

    The first relay you test and operate with just one finger

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    Enhance your operational efficiency and optimize your equipment availability with Zelio Relays

    Schneider Electric relays, the widest range of relays to meet your everyday need, from electromechanical relays to electronic relays, as well as control, timers, and solid state relays.


    • Default Alternative Text Comprehensive and available: A wide range to address your standard or performance needs
    • Default Alternative Text Easiness & simplicity-driven design to deliver maximum ease of use all along the life cycle
    • Default Alternative Text Time saving: Innovative features that improve user-experience. Embedded test button and troubleshooting
    • Default Alternative Text Reliable & green: Compliant to international certifications, environmental friendly
    • Zelio™ Relays SSP1 The state-of-the-art performance

      Solid State Zelio relays combine smart design with innovative user-friendly features. Simple, secure and robust wiring with innovative terminals

    • Zelio RXG interface relays A simple one-button testing

      A wide new range of Zelio relays designed to deliver maximum ease of use. Simple and cost effective. Reliable and green

    • Zelio RM22-RM35 Control Relays Greater simplicity and innovative

      Equipped with a dial-pointer LED indicator to enhance ease of operation in difficult environments. Its Diagnostic Test Button simplifies commissioning

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    • Zelio RE22 Timer Relays A smart product design

      Timer relays are designed for improved efficiency and user friendliness. Simplified commissioning and troubleshooting thanks to the dial pointer LED indicator diagnostic test button

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        • Zelio RXG Relays So Easy to Test and Operate

          Zelio RXG electromechanical relay, the first relay on the market with a single-step lockable test button.