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    • Manage your facility Smarter and More Efficiently

      Since resource management and time optimization are critical components of a successful building operation, Schneider Electric created a simple solution to help Maintenance Managers keep facilities running smoothly and improve a building’s performance.

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      At Schneider Electric, we know just how valuable a simple user-friendly solution is to our customers. With this goal in mind, the Facility Hero app was developed with an easy-to-use interface to maximize time efficiency and user experience.

      Simplify your maintenance operations

      • Default Alternative Text Planning and Reminders: Track, document, and manage your equipment from your mobile device. Update your logbooks automatically with convenient QR code scans.
      • Default Alternative Text Data Availability: Gain quick and efficient access to the information and logs for your maintenance operations, even when no networks are available.
      • Default Alternative Text Reports in a simple click: Maintenance reports are available immediately. Save time when creating invoices.
      • Default Alternative Text Real-Time sharing of notifications: Information can be shared as it happens. Stay connected with your team while in the field.
      • Default Alternative Text Remote Alarm and API Connectivity: Get real-time status of your facility. Connect Facility Hero with your CMMS or ERP.
      • Default Alternative Text Logbook and Field Data: Log your maintenance operations and collect data from equipment in the field.


      With Facility Hero, you have complete, 24/7 visibility of your equipment and maintenance logs, from any location.
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