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    Mobiya: the best lantern you have never seen

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    La Poste du Bénin innovates by distributing Mobiya

    La Poste du Bénin and Schneider Electric, with their partner Asper, collaborate as part of the initiative Poste Verte in an effort to provide people with innovative services and boost Benin’s development Learn more

    The Mobiya TS 120S solution awarded by the “Observeur du Design”

    The TS 120S Mobiya Schneider Electric solution was awarded by the “Observeur du Design” Labelling Committee on November 29th 2013. Developed by Schneider Electric in the frame of it’s Access to Energy program, the Mobiya TS 120S is a portable lighting and electrical charging system that can also be used for the electric charge of a mobile phone by USB port. It is designed to meet the basic needs of an individual lighting wherever it is. This robust technology has solar panels for charging. Launched in 2013, Mobiya TS 120S is mainly commercialized in Africa. Learn more