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      Power protection and management solutions from home to data center to industrial environments.

      Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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          White Paper #108
          Making Large UPS Systems More Efficient

          As energy resources become scarcer and more expensive, electrical efficiency is becoming a more important performance factor in the specification and selection of large UPS systems. There are three subtle but significant factors that can materially affect a company’s cost of operating a UPS system and particularly the electrical bill. Unfortunately, the people who specify systems often fail to recognize these factors, which leads to increased costs to the owner because operational efficiencies are not correctly considered. This paper discusses the common errors and misunderstandings in evaluating UPS efficiency. UPS efficiency curves are explained, compared, and their cost implications quantified. Read White Paper #108
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          White Paper #1
          The Different Types of UPS Systems

          There is much confusion in the marketplace about the different types of UPS systems and their characteristics. Each of these UPS types is defined, practical applications of each are discussed, and advantages and disadvantages are listed. With this information, an educated decision can be made as to the appropriate UPS topology for a given need. Read White Paper #1
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          White Paper #24
          Effect of UPS on System Availability

          This white paper explains how system availability and uptime are affected by AC power outages and provides quantitative data regarding uptime in real-world environments, including the effect of UPS on uptime. Read White Paper #24
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          White Paper #157
          Eco-mode: Benefits and Risks of Energy-saving Modes of UPS Operation

          Many newer UPS systems have an energy-saving operating mode known as “eco-mode” or by some other descriptor. Nevertheless, surveys show that virtually no data centers actually use this mode, because of the known or anticipated side-effects. Unfortunately, the marketing materials for these operating modes do not adequately explain the cost / benefit tradeoffs. This paper shows that eco-mode provides a reduction of approximately 2% in data center energy consumption and explains the various limitations and concerns that arise from eco-mode use. Situations where these operating modes are recommended and contra-indicated are also described. Read White Paper #157
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          White Paper #210
          Single Phase UPS Management, Maintenance, and Lifecycle

          “How long will my battery last?” and “what is the best practice for maintaining my UPS?” are very common questions posed from UPS owners. Few realize there is more to the UPS than just battery back-up; and that, like all electronics it has a life expectancy. Many of the factors that affect battery life also affect UPS electronics. Some factors may be controlled by taking some preventative measures or simply adjusting some basic UPS settings. This whitepaper discusses the key factors that influence both battery and UPS life; and provides some simple recommendations and guidelines to help you manage your single phase UPS to maximize the life and overall availability. Read White Paper #210
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          White Paper #207
          Design and Specification for Safe and Reliable Battery Systems for Large UPS

          A properly designed UPS battery solution is important for safe and reliable operation. This paper describes the main components and functions of a battery system, and discusses the reasons why vendor pre-engineered battery solutions are optimal. In cases where pre-engineered solutions don’t meet the requirements, vendor-engineered solutions are next best. If third party custom battery solutions must be used, design guidelines are provided to ensure a safe and reliable design. Read White Paper #207
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          White Paper #206
          Overload Protection in a Dual-Corded Data Center Environment

          In a dual-corded environment, the loss of power on one path will cause the load to transfer to the other path, which can create an overload condition on that path. This can lead to a situation where the failure of one path leads to the failure of both paths. This paper explains the problem and how to solve it, and provides a set of rules to ensure that a dual-path environment provides the expected fault tolerance. Read White Paper #206
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          White Paper #96
          A Hidden Reliability Threat in UPS Static Bypass Switches

          IT managers will be surprised to learn that some medium and high power UPS systems on the market today (rated 50 kW and higher) use undersized static bypass switches despite their negative implications. By using a contactor or a circuit breaker in parallel with SCRs, these static bypass switches are able use smaller, less expensive SCRs that are rated to carry less than full load current continuously. This paper shows that the availability of the UPS system is compromised when undersized static bypass switches are employed in the system. The advantages of fully rated static bypass switches are discussed. Read White Paper #96
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