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    An integrated solution for electrical distribution and process automation

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    Power your medium-voltage projects with an integrated and smart solution, our electrical house solution (E-House), which combined with our optimized project execution, allows you to save CAPEX, OPEX while reducing risks.

    E-House, a plug-and-play integrated solution, is a safe and optimized answer for your needs in all type of industries such as oil & gas, mining & minerals, utilities, data center or railways
    • Safety at a glance, Secure time, people & installations

      E-House is fabricated, assembled and pre-tested in factory and  delivered as fully operational integrated solution to meet the demanding requirements of your applications.
      Qualified and reliable design helps you to reduce construction lead times, optimize the cost of transportation, installation and commissioning. Schedules are maintained with no compromise on quality or safety.
    • Simplify project management

      We are your single partner for the complete distribution solution. Our qualified and experienced  project management team will customized  your E-House to the specific power and environmental needs.

      Project management is as well simplified  as our E-Houses  are able to integrate any kind of equipment in a totally safe and reliable way and to decrease uptime
    • Benefits of integrated & smart solution

      20% of CAPEX reduction thanks to reduced engineering, installation, and commissioning costs.
      10% of OPEX reduction via a highly serviceable design and local
      technical experts.
      The largest range of our  LV, MV Switchgear, UPS’s, VSD, Transformer and fully connected via smart  monitoring and control devices.
      Secure uptime due to qualified and reliable flexible design.
    • E-House for oil & gas industry

      Global and tested solution for safe operation and increased efficiency for oil & gas.

    • E-House for mining industry

      Optimized costs and reliable processes with E-House for mining industry.

    • Robustness of the prefabricated HV E-Houses

      Contribution of the HV/LV prefabricated substation standard and practices to the robustness of the prefabricated HV E-house

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      Save time with E-House

      Did you know that with E-House you can save up to 50% time on your project,  compared with conventional building?
      Find out how